Installation Guide

Installation Guide for 05-11 Toyota Tacoma Headlights

Installation Guide for 05-11 Toyota Tacoma Headlights

Disclaimer: This installation article is a tutorial guide. By reading this article, you agree it is for reference only and AlphaRex USA and its distributors make no guarantee on the finished results. Under no circumstances whatsoever shall AlphaRex USA nor its distributors be liable for any damage, misuse or personal injuries. If you do not fully understand the installation procedure, it is highly recommended that you seek help from professional mechanics to do the installation.

Some vehicle require the DRL harness installed for the headlight to function properly. Here’s a list of certain model with require the DRL to be install.

Step 1: Remove the 2x10mm bolt and the 2x plastic retainer.

Step 2: With the bolts and retainers removed, pull the grill straight up to remove the grill from the vehicle.

Step 3: Remove 3 more plastic retainers.

Step 4: Remove the 3x10mm bolts on the top portion of the headlights.

Step 5: Remove one 10mm bolt from the bottom by reaching from under the vehicle (picture is for the driver side looking from under the truck). Also, when you try to reach it with your hand , there are 2 bolts at the same place and you want to remove the bolt on the top.

Step 6: With all the bolts removed, carefully remove the headlights from the truck and disconnect the 3 plugs from the headlights.

Step 7: With both headlights disconnected, now it’s time to install the DRL harness. You will need to connect the red to the battery positive terminal, black to the battery negative terminal, single yellow wire ( LUXX and NOVA Series ) to the driver side headlight connector and leave the passenger side open.

Step 8: For the grey wire with the fuse tap, please route the wire to the fuse box under the dash , you can pass through the firewall by going through the rubber grommet, wire extension might be needed.

Step 9: Tap the fuse into the IGN(15A) fuse.

Step 10: Keep the protective film on the headlights until the headlight is sitting in place and ready to bolt on . Now, it’s time to connect the wiring, picture shown is with the non-DRL converter, it got connected to the turn signal plug and the DRL wires. Next up will be the connector for the headlights and the side marker. With all the connection done, it’s time to install the headlights and grill in reverse process.

11. With everything installed, adjust the headlight level with the adjuster at the lower corner ( red arrow ) the second adjuster is for adjusting left and right .


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